The Biggest Holi Parties in New York

The Biggest Holi Parties in New York 
We invite you to join An Exclusive VIP Gathering of Friends and Social Circles for a truly one of a kind, all-out Holi Party like no other, celebrate in dramatic New York style and spoil yourself with modern luxury on all 4 Floors of Stage 48. This venue has a total capacity of 2000 including a beautiful Rooftop.
Event Information:
    Event Date: March 19 - 2016
    Event Time: 12.00 PM 
    Event Venue: Stage48, 605 W 48th St, New York, NY 10036 
    Event Org: Holi in The
Price Increase Warning : Holi In The City ticket prices often go up significantly(100% +) the closer you get to March. Also note that these annual Events always sell out well in advance.
 The Biggest Holi Parties 2016


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